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Benefits of ASMKA Membership
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Membership Services
         ASMKA Membership provides a host of services FREE of charge: 
  •  An expansive Curriculum of Traditional Song Moo Kwan training, coupled with the opportunity to incorporate the intricacies of Hoshinsul (self-defense techniques), Um-Yang Mu Yea (hard and soft technique balance of Ki Gong) while expertly incorporating Taeguk Kumdo (Traditional Korean Swordsmanship) to maximize your current training programs;
  •  Quarterly electronic Curriculim Updates, Advertising Materials, and Website Templates designed to maximize your martial arts industry needs;
  •  Providing you and your school with unique scaleable Business Plans from which you will learn what it takes to succeed as a Professional Martial Artist through proper planing of your overall growth needs;
  •  The ASMKA Handbook Reference Deskset with interactive video CD assist.  This way you can assure proper training habits for productive teaching sessions in quick review; 
  •  Mentoring by Senior Instructors, Video Assist Training, for Personal Rank Promotion readiness;
  •  Comprehensive Monitoring and local support attended by Grand Masters of the American Song Moo Kwan Association for each of the systems in which you are training.
  •  Personal Appearances for School Openings, Testings, Seminars, and Tournaments hosted by your school.

Mission Statement

Rank Recognition

What to Expect from WSMKA Membership

Never have your Rank Questioned

The mission of the American Song Moo Kwan Association is to assist the World Song Moo Kwan Association in uniting martial artists worldwide through promotion of uniformity, harmony, and professionalism in the martial arts, keeping intact the vision, spirit and integrity of our founder and the founder of Modern Taekwondo, Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro.
Unquestionable Rank Recognition is important.  All WSMKA Certified Instructors and Black Belts are provided an opportunity to receive rank recognition in each system of study, including WTF Kukkiwon Certification.  Provisional Rank recognition is provided by the American Song Moo Kwan Association upon successful completion of the application process.

Continuing Support 


Minimal Fees for School and individual Membership

Training Material Support - FREE of Charge!

No matter your current system of practice, we will assist you in the development of expert Taekwondo skills that reflect the finest martial artists you and students will become.
Membership Fees for Individuals and Schools membership remain low, and under classifications that permit clubs, college or university, and commerical school participation.
Support for your local school is provided on local, national, and international levels.  From advertising, website creation and Business Plans, to Complete Curriculum Manuals. Basic Student and Instructor Handbooks that permit you to add your school's Logo and Contact Information on the template. Print only what you need to assure proper budgeting.  
American Song Moo Kwan Association

World Song Moo Kwan Association  Charter # 8-00001

There are many organizations emerging that profess their origins to be the eldest, most well known, etc.  The historical facts are as follows:
Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro, 9th Dan, is the Chairman of the World Song Moo Kwan Association; and, the only son of the original Kwan founders to carry on the legacy of his father.
By Application to the American Song Moo Kwan Association, your sponsorship to the World Song Moo Kwan Association, including all rank advancement and instructor certification, assures adoption into this honored legacy. 
Your recognition and advancement will NEVER be in question.  You will be supported in each aspect of your training, your school's success, and your ability to shape the future of the martial arts in service to traditions that span the ages.
As you ready for this level of professionalism? 
Hee Sang Ro
Senior Grand Master
9th Dan Black Belt
Song Moo Kwan
Chairman & President
Kirk Koskella
Grand Master
8th Dan Black Belt
Song Moo Kwan
Chairman & President
Be the Difference!
Be an American Song Moo Kwan Association Role Model
The Ultimate Taekwondo Training -  the way it was meant to be!
With additional Curriculum available for cross-training in Hapkido, Kumdo, Kung Fu and Ki Gong
Accept No Substitutes!